The 5 aromatherapy lotions will guide you harmoniously through the day. You are invited to experience the unique properties of our ingredients that promote your harmonious balance of mind and body.

Your 5-step set includes 5 tubes of 59ml each:

Tube 1: Rejuvenation

The prelude to a successful day is dedicated to rejuvenation and regeneration. With the renewing power of ginseng for the body and the invigorating aroma of cardamom for the soul, you feel exhilarated and revived.

Tube 2: Circulation

Ashwagandha (sleeping berry) has an invigorating effect on the mind, and ginkgo, together with royal basil and ginger, has a stimulating effect on the blood circulation.

Tube 3: Metabolism

Just as the invigorating lavender fragrance oil stimulates the psyche, the root of ginger gently boosts your metabolism after lunch.

Tube 4: Energy & Focus

St. John’s wort is frequently used in alternative medicine. Together with tragacanth (Astralagus) and the small field leaf (Brahmi) it increases your physical energy, whereas the oil of the peppermint enhances your concentration and helps the mind to collect.

Tube 5: Calm to Rest

Magnesium furthers the body’s recovery after a stressful day, and the aroma of valerian promotes the well-deserved rest of your soul.