The gentle path to inner peace –
step by step.

Our products derive from the traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine and aim to bring body and soul into exquisite harmony. In a combination of touch and aromatherapy, natural ingredients are rubbed into the skin in gentle self-massage in five daily steps. Each step focuses on a different purpose according to the time of day, ranging from daily morning rejuvenation to evening calm and relaxation. In so doing, each unit forms a counterbalance to the previous step, as well as a preparation for the next one. In each step, a main plant ingredient for the body and for the mind, in addition to other essential oils and precious fragrances enhance the overall effectiveness.

Yourveda products overview.

The Yourveda therapy includes five products that accompany you on your path to inner peace. Each product is applied at a different time of day and contains valuable herbal essences.

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Early morning with Rejuvenation.

You begin the new day, feeling exhilarated and revived

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Midmorning with Circulation.

You stimulate your mind and invigorate the blood circulation.

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Midday with Metabolism.

You gently stimulate and boost your metabolism.

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Midafternoon with Energy & Focus.

You increase your physical energy and improve your concentration.

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Evenings with Calm to Rest.

You relax and find well-deserved tranquility

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Treat yourself every day to five short breaks for your wellbeing.

In accordance with the time of day, put a small amount of the appropriate lotion on the inside of your wrist and gently rub both wrists against each other.

Then, raising your hands in front of your face, take deliberate deep breaths to inhale the fragrance of essential oils.

Afterward, gently massage the product for about 60 seconds into the skin of the neck and behind the ears.

This ritual will improve your inner balance in a natural and sustainable way.